About Us

Croagh Patrick Crafts is the fruit of Chris Grady’s labour. Chris has been working with wood all his life through a long career in construction. In the last few of years since his retirement Chris has been able to devote more time to his hobby of creating beautiful sculptures from wood dug up from the bog and dried out in his workshop over a number of years. This process can be long and arduous but the results are always worth it for Chris when a piece of bog oak is displayed for the first time.
This website displays the items currently available for sale and also contains some extra information in the news section about Bog Oak and Chris’s working process. If you would like to know more about any aspect of Croagh Patrick Crafts then feel free to send us an email from the contact page or send us a message on Facebook.
Chris in his workshop at his home in Murrisk
The website is looked after by Chris’s son Ray. As a photographer / videographer Ray always enjoyed taking photos of the Bog Oak sculptures produced by his father so it made sense to create a place to display the photos and help reach a greater audience. Ray manages the site and keeps it up to date by adding photos of the latest products from the workshop and informing people of the great work done by Chris. To get in touch with Ray you can email or message him on the contact page or Facebook too.
Ray Grady photographer / videographer 
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